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Arrival support for refugees

When the Russian invasion of Ukraine began, thousands of refugees arrived in Berlin every day. There they met hundreds of dedicated volunteers, waiting for people from Ukraine at the train and bus stations of the German capital to support them upon arrival. In this section, we present the grassroots efforts that led to a full-scale volunteering in Berlin during the spring of 2022.

Doing it yourself

We have gathered a collection of valuable tips from volunteers’ experiences. You will also find contact information for further important organisations.

A look back to 2022

In the spring of 2022, hundreds of volunteers accomplished incredible things. But what actually happened? Learn more about the story behind Berlin Arrival Support.

First hand impressions

We talked to volunteers about their experiences. We present their answers here, sorted by topic. Since the interviews were conducted in English, we made a conscious decision not to translate them in order to present them as accurately as possible.

Templates & More

Here we provide you with a number of documents and templates from our active time.
You can also contact us at any time at info.bevos[at] if you have any questions or would like to exchange ideas.

Reflecting on arrival support

Together with Berlin Arrival Support we reflected on the involvement and challenging times. We have prepared the results here.

Civil society in dialogue

On April 20, we brought together key stakeholders from volunteer and professional work to look back and talk about what needs to be improved in our collaboration.