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Workshop “Supporting trans*, inter* and non-binary refugees”

9. February 2023    
18:00 - 21:00


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Hertzbergstraße 22, Berlin, 12055

We offer an introductory workshop about supporting trans*, inter* and non-binary (TIN) refugees in cooperation with TrIQ e.V.

TIN persons are at risk of discrimination, criminalization, and violence in many countries. Once in Germany, TIN refugees are confronted with multiple discrimination like racism or transmisogyny yet again. Persecution based on gender identity is recognized as a reason for asylum and the Berlin Senate counts TIN refugees (among other groups) as people in particular need of protection.

Volunteers who are active in refugee assistance can act as committed supporters, because their personal relationship with refugees can restore trust and provide assistance. However, TIN refugees may also experience violence and multiple discrimination from volunteers.

This workshop intends to support volunteers in gaining a deeper awareness of gender diversity, reflecting one’s own behavior, reducing potential insecurities about interactions, and achieving a higher confidence in supporting in a non-discriminatory way. Volunteers will be sensitized to the specific concerns and needs of TIN refugees and will learn how to practically help those affected by discrimination.

Furthermore, the workshop aims to empower volunteers in being strong allies for TIN refugees who are affected by intersectional discrimination.

The workshop relies on communicative and cooperative methods, and in order to promote a direct transfer of what has been learned, it is also designed to be action-oriented. There will be a special emphasis on clarifying the participants’ questions.

The workshop will be conducted in English.

Facilitator: Joris Filipp (TrIQ e.V.)

Do you want to participate in this workshop? Then register until the 6th of Feb here: 

Workshop “Supporting trans*, inter* and non-binary refugees”

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