Previous workshops & courses

Ukrainian language course

In this four-part language course, BEVOS offers a Ukrainian language course for beginners (A1 level). The course is offered for German and English speaking volunteers. The goal is to teach the first basic skills for short dialogues as well as to train intercultural competencies.


Emotional resilience and sustainability

In this introductory session, we will introduce methods to help you respect and keep your own boundaries and strengthen your own emotional resilience. In two sessions of 4 hours each, we will get to know ways to avoid burnout and emotional overload.


Legal rights of refugees

Our four-part seminar series will provide a thematic introduction to European law and asylum law, highlight the situation for refugees at Europe’s external borders, and address the rights, obligations, and benefits of people whose asylum cases in Germany are either recognized or rejected. This workshop is offered in German only.



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Training psychosocial support

More than half of the refugee children who arrive in Germany are suffering from psychological stress. This two-day training in cooperation with Save the Children e.V. offers an introduction to psychosocial support, as well as concrete recommendations for action and assistance in working with children who have fled.


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Strengthen diversity-competence

This training will focus on the one hand on basic knowledge about antiziganism and on the other hand on its role in the daily work of volunteers in the field of refugee assistance. This workshop is offered in German only.


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Supporting trans*, inter* and non-binary refugees

We offered an introductory workshop about supporting trans*, inter* and non-binary (TIN) refugees in cooperation with TrIQ e.V.


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Psychological trauma and trauma sensitivity workshop

We offered an introductory workshop about the challenges of interacting with people who have had traumatic experiences. Participants learned more about psychological trauma and trauma-sensitive approaches


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Previous events

Appreciation of the Südkreuz volunteers

The appreciation event for internal volunteers (Berlin Arrival Support, BAS) and external volunteers who have provided assistance to refugees from the Ukraine at Südkreuz train station. The event will provide an opportunity to bring all members of the Südkreuz family together, and recognize the great work the volunteers have done. Participants of the party can expect food, drinks, music, speeches.


BEVOS Kick-Off Party

7.11.22 at 6 PM in Betahaus

Thank you very much for participating in our kick-off event on 17.22.22 at Betahaus. It was great to get to know our diverse network of volunteers, organizations, projects, and anyone interested in volunteering with refugees better.


BAS Neujahrsfeier - Danke Hauptbahnhof!

14.01.23 – 8 PM at Kulturfabrik Moabit

After nine months of tireless work at the main station, it was time to celebrate the BAS volunteers and their achievements. With empathy, patience and also a little persistence, they have welcomed over 350,000 refugees to Germany.

Thank you for being there from the beginning and still being there!


Community cooking with Über den Tellerrand e.V.

Wir hatten ein arabisch-beeinflusstes Abendessen unter dem Motto “50 Gerichte mit Nüssen”. Gemeinsam kochten Geflüchtete, Neu- und Alt-Berliner*innen – im Grunde alle, die Lust auf ein köstliches Essen hatten. 


Abgeschlossene Projekte

Refugee Accommodation Center at Columbiadamm

We are looking for volunteers who can create and lead activities for either kids, adults, or the elderly and for Ukrainian or Russian speaking volunteers who can accompany refugees to government offices and hospitals.


Refugio Café

Give Something Back to Berlin e.V. (GSBTB) in Refugio Café is looking for volunteers who can translate legal status consultations from German and/or English to Ukrainian and/or Russian. This includes preparing dinner, baking cakes, playing with kids, and enjoying great company.


Ukrain Dinner at Interkulturelles Haus

The Ukrainian dinner on Wednesday is a great opportunity for volunteers to help refugees get something to eat while relaxing after work or integration courses. This includes preparing dinner, baking cakes, playing with kids, and enjoying great company.